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Fam Trip Sign-Up

One of the best ways to introduce a meeting planner to London is to bring them in on a short (1 or 2 day) visit. These events are usually referred to as FAM (short for Familiarization) Trips. FAM trips allow the meeting planners to see several state-of-the-art meeting facilities and event venues, and become more familiar with our city and its competitive advantages as a great event and meeting destination.

Meet our outstanding event service providers.

The familiarization trips also showcases London's world class events services vendors, transportation providers, and caterers.

In your short stay in London, Tourism London can demonstrate the key components of our product that a convention group will need to be familiar with to ensure a successful event. The itinerary and costs for this visit to London are compliments of Tourism London and our partners.

Consider London for your next meeting or corporate event.

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    Imagination defines the
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